Drug Charges Including Possession and Distribution Defense by Denver, CO Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Arnold

Fighting drug charges in Colorado can be very challenging. The courts are not on your side and are not inclined to be supportive or help you in any way. We know exactly how it feels to be judged by authorities and when it feels like you are not in control of your destiny. We understand because we have the experience you are searching for when picking a criminal defense lawyer that is used to these desperate circumstances. You require the help of a person who will be in your corner, fighting for your rights. Call now if you are being charged with criminal drug charges in Colorado.

Penalties and Jailtime

You may be risking significant penalties and jail time. Your future can be very frightening especially when you are unsure of who to turn to; you can rely on skilled Colorado criminal drug defense lawyers at Arnold and Associates. Whether you are innocent of the charges against you or if you did something you currently regret, we can help. We know that everyone makes blunders and we are here to help you through these trying circumstances. We are here to fight for you and only you, to get the very best possible result in court.  Our defense lawyers have experience in many different types of drug cases in Colorado.

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Colorado Drug Classifications and Schedules

Colorado drug regulation classifies abused substances under Federal drug “schedules.” Their danger of addiction categorizes controlled substances. The drug substance you are charged with affects the charges as well as possible sentences if you are convicted of drug possession charges.

drug charge schedule Colorado