Gun Charges in Denver, CO

Gun charges are among the most complicated laws to understand. This is because gun and related weapons laws in the United States must be carefully crafted to meet Constitutional requirements. Violating Federal and State gun laws can have serious consequences.

In general, however, Federal weapons violations only involve interstate transactions. As a rule, the types of Federal weapons charges fall into four categories. These are:

  • Trafficking in weapons/firearms – trafficking in weapons charges most often result from illegal commerce between states or via imports/exports.
  • Violent crimes – All weapons charges are counted as violent crimes
  • Illegal/Unlawful possession – Often results from having the wrong license for a particular firearm, possession of a firearm without proper authorization, or a convicted felon in possession of a weapon and ammunition.
  • Fraud – most often charged as a result of falsifying information when obtaining a firearms permit.

What Does it Mean to be Charged with Weapons Violations in a Federal Court?

If the charges are serious enough, you may be looking at lengthy prison sentences, and there could be considerable fines. Even if you manage to avoid a long sentence, there will likely be a laundry list of restrictions and requirements.

When it comes to charges of weapons violations, you want to fight to clear your name. You want to be exonerated. So you need an attorney who will fight for you and is experienced in the law.  If you have been charged with a weapons violation call Arnold and Associates, P.C. to set up a free consultation to discuss your case.