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What types of legal cases do you handle?
APaul Arnold and Associates concentrates on criminal and family law in the great state of Colorado, we are based in Denver. Mr. Arnold has 18 + years experience of diversified legal services. We cover cases including: domestice relations, dissolution of marriage, modifications, child custody, child support, drug charges, felony charges and gun cases.
What should I do if I am arrested?
ARefuse to answer any questions in a polite manner and then ask for an attorney. Call us at 303-290-8265.
Should I represent myself?
AThis is never a good idea. The rules of evidence are so complicated that they are hard to stay on top of, even for an experienced attorney. The law is being modified on a daily basis. The decisions being made by the higher courts and the Supreme Court are changing constantly, so we need to stay on top of that and even as an attorney it is difficult. For a layperson lacking a formal education in criminal law procedures, it is impossible. It is impossible to do it right with so much at stake: your freedom, your money, your criminal record, and your life.
Should I be scared of my legal case?
ALegal problems can be extremely stressful. Paul Arnold can help take the stress and anxiety out of each case by handling everything in a professional and detailed manner. From the most serious crimes like drug charges to divorce proceedings, Paul Arnold is an experienced professional who will fight for your rights.
Do I really need an attorney to handle my marriage dissolution?
A Often times filings and proceedings can be very time consuming and confusing in a marriage dissolution case. You can be assured that Mr. Arnold will provide you with the best legal representation that has your best interests at heart and handle all matters of your legal matter.