1. I have almost two decades of experience in the areas of family and criminal law.
  2. A good lawyer knows the law; a great lawyer knows the judge (how they think and make decisions). I know most of the judges that I practice in front of and have known many of them since before they were judges.
  3. I have practiced on both sides of the aisle; that is, I have been a county prosecutor and a defense attorney. I know how the government side of the business is run and what government employees are constrained by, and how to get around the constraints many times.
  4. I clearly establish what the client’s goal is and then work to achieve that goal. I don’t create problems or issues that result in needless billing for the client. If the job requires me to be hyper aggressive I can do that and the case will cost more but I won’t be that way just to create billable hours. I produce quality work at fair rates.
  5. I want to be your attorney in the future. Just as your doctor, money manager, or insurance agent is part of your team of professionals I want to be part of that team for the long term.
  1. We have a vast network of professionals that we use in cases that only comes from years of experience.
  2. We have been in business for 29 years.
  3. We have an excellent reputation with the Court’s and other professionals.
  4. We are firmly rooted in the principal of zealously representing our clients and giving them the best legal services available anywhere.
  5. We are hands on, when you call us you don’t get shuffled around to staff. You get to talk to your attorney and we are responsive to clients. We stay in communication with client and take the time to explain issues to then so that they always know where they are in their case.


Domestic Relations Law

We specialize in family disputes involving the rights and duties of husband, wife, parent, or child.

Dissolution of Marriage

Ending of a marriage through legal proceedings


Arnold and Associates handles modification agreements ranging from parent, maintenance and child support.

Child Custody and Child Support

Arnold and Associates will fight for fair payments for the financial benefit and support of a child.

Criminal Defense

Arnold and Associates represent persons facing felony and misdemeanor criminal charges

Felony Charges

Serious charges need a serious answer, call Paul Arnold.

Drug Charges

We defend drug possession and distribution cases.

Gun Cases

We defend those charged with weapons possession or discharge of a firearm.

“A lot of Lawyers will tell you what you want to hear, I tell you the truth.”


Recent Legal Victories:

I have a client that went through a divorce a few years back. I was the attorney for the divorce and the case was sticky as the opposing party had some mental health issues. The opposing party would routinely make false allegations against my client in an effort to make my client look bad to the Court so that the children could be restricted from my client. Recently the opposing party did so again and falsely reported that my client had pushed her at an exchange of the children. This created a situation where my client was arrested for domestic violence and child abuse, my client was prohibited from seeing the children because of a criminal protection order. As a result of the arrest the opposing party filed a motion to restrict my client’s parenting time with the children in the divorce case. I entered as the criminal defense attorney and represented my client in the divorce matter as well. I worked with the district attorney in the criminal matter and gave her all the information that I had in the divorce matter. I got the domestic violence and child abuse case completely dismissed and I won the restriction hearing as well. Not only did I win the restriction hearing but the Court gave my client all of his parenting time back that he missed because of the opposing party. This was important to my client for a number of reasons.

1) a domestic violence conviction is debilitating in this day and age;

2) child abuse sounds terrible and disqualifies you for almost any job or social function;

3) the allegations were false and I proved it;

4) the criminal matter and the restriction motion would have kept my client from his children for an extended period and the opposing party would have used this time to further ruin the relationship that my client had with the children.

  • How we can help you?

    Mr Arnold’s experience in criminal defense, domestic relations, general civil litigation (for plaintiff & defendant) is second to none in Denver, CO.  Arnold and Associates has the unique ability to quickly adapt to a wide variety of challenges in Colorado law.

  • Why should I hire an attorney?

    Self representation is never a good idea. The rules of evidence are so complicated that they are hard to stay on top of, even for an experienced attorney. The law is being modified on a daily basis. The decisions being made by the higher courts and the Supreme Court are changing constantly, so we need to stay on top of that and even as an attorney it is difficult. For a layperson lacking a formal education in criminal law procedures, it is impossible. It is impossible to do it right with so much at stake: your freedom, your money, your criminal record, and your life.

  • What should I do if I am questioned by police??

    Refuse to answer any questions in a polite manner and then ask for an attorney. Call us at 303-290-8265.

Experienced Colorado Attorney

Defense Lawyer in Denver

As Senior Attorney– Arnold & Associates, PC (A family owned 20+ year law practice)

As General Counsel
– Triple Protection Auto Care (Start up company with multiple state operations)

As Senior House Counsel
– Dealer Commitment Services (Nationwide Retail Warranty Corporation)

As Special County Attorney
– Elbert and Gilpin Counties (Colorado)

Concentration in:

  • Litigation
  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Juvenile, employment, criminal, and civil

Litigation preparation:

  • Pre-trial motions
  • Discovery
  • Depositions
  • Jury voir dire
  • Trial
  • Appeal