Felony and Misdemeanors Charges in Colorado

In Colorado, crimes are classified as either misdemeanors (less serious crimes) or felonies (more serious crimes).

Felonies and misdemeanors differ in these significant consequences:

  • Prison versus jail. In general, felonies carry a potential sentence to state prison; misdemeanors, by contrast, involve possible incarceration in a county or local jail.
  • Length of incarceration varies on the particular seriousness of the crime. In Colorado, misdemeanor sentences are usually not longer than one (1) year period.
  • Felonies carry stiffer sentences that are longer. Colorado does have the death penalty, certain murder cases which are felonies can result in a sentence of death.

Many people think of the ramifications a post-conviction felony can have on their family and career. A person with a felony conviction may lose the right to vote and may also be barred from serving on a jury. These penalties are usually a starting point for most felony charges. Most convicted felons will have a more difficult time maintaining a livelihood or working in their chosen profession. Many professional licenses may become off-limits or you may be barred from applying to those licenses. Needless to say convicted felons may find it difficult to obtain jobs and housing. By contrast, those with a misdemeanor conviction will not face such a serious outcome.